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[6 caught the snitch]

Oh my goodness. [14 Dec 2003|09:34am]

Wow. o_o

Uhh. Who ever thought that this RP would still be alive today? (I did. >_>;) But it's not. And I'm sure no one has enough time to RP anymore due to school/work/whatever. :/

Gah. Why am I even posting in here? No one is gonna read it.


[3 caught the snitch]

[21 Aug 2003|07:33am]

[My my. This RP has died hasn't it. x_X; I don't know about the rest of you, but I would like to keep this RP up, and hopefully it'll stay alove and kickin'. :X

Nrr. The rest is up to everyone else.


[the snitch]

Insomnia [03 Aug 2003|03:27am]
{OOC:I agree with freakinfred. If there's anything wrong with what I've just typed up tell me. ^_^;;}

George was completely full from the feast earlier. He could never get enough of it. And with the company of Fred and Lee, it was even better. They were discussing what other items to put into inventory.

He hadn't seen Fred after dinner, didn't know where he was. That was a first for him. Probably the best thing was to go to bed. So he went up to the Gryffindor tower, said the password and went straight to the dormitories. Didn't even check to see if Ron or Harry were there. But he was extremely tired.

Finally stepping into the dorm he threw himself onto his bed. He closed his eyes, and the drowsiness was taking over him. Right when he was already getting comfortable, something made him get up from bed.

"Ugh, not now, I wanted to sleep..."

The most dreaded thing for a person to prevent them from sleeping... Insomnia. An idea just hit him. George got up and in the process, got a piece of parchment with a quill. He scribbled down the idea that just came up to him. And decided to show it to Fred tomorrow since apparently he is nowhere to be found.

With that done, he went back to bed. But unfortunately couldn't fall back to sleep. He tried counting snitches, bertie bott's every flavor beans, chocolate frogs... but after a while he was getting hungry again instead of sleepy.

After a half hour he fell silently asleep. Last thing he thought of was the "Not to-do list" Mrs. Weasley had given them to follow...

{OOC: Hehe, basically what happens to me every now and then.}

[the snitch]

Star Gazing [03 Aug 2003|03:25am]

(OOC: Here goes nothing... if this post isn't how things are sposed to be let me know... please...)

It was late. Far past midnight. One or two o'clock in the morning maybe, Fred wasn't sure. He had left his watch on his bedside table. He lay on top of Gryffindor tower watching the stars. There were so many of them.

Dinner was a wonderful affair. He, George, and Lee had discussed marketing for items that were to be sold at Weasley Wizard Wheezes along with the items he and George had thought up over the summer. Lee had been particularly fond of the extendable ears.

Fred looked at a particular clutter of stars and thought they reminded him of Hermione. His mind started racing, he thought of all the things Hermione would say this year to keep them out of trouble.

"Detentions aren't horrible," he thought, "we've gotten loads before. Besides, what's she going to do? Lecture us to death?" He stopped. The idea of Hermione lecturing him and George about responsibility was far more than he could bare. He closed his eyes and focused on another cluster of stars. These seemed to resemble a boat for some reason. Fred heard the distant hooting of an owl and breathed deeply.

The crickets were getting louder and it seemed to him that they were chanting. "He got off," he began and closed his eyes stretching out over the roof. He stayed there for a few minutes until he noticed he had almost fallen asleep.

"May as well go to bed then," he thought to himself and got up. Dusting himself off he walked towards the ledge and sat dangling his feet over the edge. It was so calm at Hogwarts. Not a sound to be heard but owls hooting, crickets, and the fire in the common room. He dropped down onto the window sill of the common room and pushed it open.

Fred looked around the room. He had lived there the latter part of the past seven years and he would be leaving it at the end of this one. Suddenly he climbed back out onto the windowsill and up to the ledge on the roof. He walked over to where he had been sitting and grabbed the jacket he had left.

"Time for bed," he told himself, and off he went.

[the snitch]

[30 Jul 2003|10:50pm]

(Well... I've been thinking for awhile, and... I think I'm gonna take a break from this RP. I need some time, so yeah... I dunno if you guys (Eva/Allie) will allow it, or hell, even -care-, but yeah. I think I wanna break from the RP. But, I'd kinda wanna be back in it. I just need like 2 weeks. Thanks.)

[the snitch]

[29 Jul 2003|07:30am]

[OOC: We now have a Fred and George. :D Yaaay. Thnx for Jenn (Malfoy) for having them join. And welcome. ^^]

The Sorting Hat had sung a new song, which was quite different than the usual songs it sang before. The giddy first years had all been seperated into their new houses, and chatting amongst themselves. Dumbledore gave his speech, and soon the feast began.

Harry hadn't been paying much attention to his surroundings; he wanted to go in his bed and sleep. As the food sowed up on the table, and hands flying everywhere in front of him grabbing something to eat, he joined in. Nibbling at a biscuit, he stared at his plate. He heard the snickers of Fred, George, and Lee off to his right as they huddled together. Harry felt uneasy about what they were planning; since everything they thought of doing ended up getting htem in trouble.

Just then, he noticed Lethe walking in with Professor McGonagall. They were talking amongst themselves, and they parted ways as lethe walked towards the Gryffindor table, and Professor McGonagall to the Staff table. Harry brought his attention back to his plate; he hadn't noticed that he had finished his biscuit.

He reached out, trying to avoid a number of students hands in the process, and reached for another biscuit, but then his stomach growled. He thought better, and grabbed some more food. Atleast now, he wouldn't be hungry at night.

He overheard Neville talking about what he did over summer's break to someone, and Dean and Seamus were now talking to Fred, George, and Lee. Harry felt uneasy about the five of them being together. He then heard giggles coming from Ginny and her fellow fourth year friends. He brought his attnetion to Ron and Hermione, who were talking with each other. Harry sighed. This was going to be some year..

{OOC: Arr. I ono. It's.. early.]

[the snitch]

[23 Jul 2003|10:12am]

(Since I'm all late, I'm gonna start from when Luna passed by.)

"We're nearly to Hogsmeade," Luna said excitedly before closing the door again.

Hearing Luna's voice, Ron looks at the door, but right when Luna walked away. "That Loony Luna..." he said softly to himself, not knowing exactly why he said that.

Ron sat back, relaxing himself before they reach school. "I sure hope this school year goes better for me than the train ride did" Ron exclaimed out loud, getting a few scattered chuckles from the train compartment.

After a few minutes, the train began to slow to a halt. Lethe was the first in the compartment to stand, quickly grabbing her owl cage and bags before running out of the compartment without a word of explanation to the other three.

Ron looked up at Lethe, wondering why she was in such a hurry. "That Lethe. I wonder if she's anything like Luna... so... weird and mysterious. I hope she's normal.

After hearing those words, Harry quickly looked at Ron. "Ron, you know she's normal. You saw how she was acting on the train ride. If you ask me, she's very normal. Think before you speak, Ron" Harry said, defending Lethe.

Ron, feeling a bit shocked by Harry's aggressiveness, quickly closed his mouth. He went to get Pigdwedgeon's cage and his own belongings, not speaking another word to either of the remaining Hogwarts students in his compartment.

As he headed out of the train, ahead of both Harry and Hermione, Hermione yelled out for him. "Wait up for me, Ron" she yelled, trying to get him to slow down. "What, are you here to verbally abuse me, too, Hermione?" Ron questioned, his back still facing her.

He turned around and noticed that Hermione was alone. "W-Why isn't Harry with you, Hermione?" Ron asked, wonering, well, why he wasn't with her.

"I decided he had to be alone now. I don't want to be his next victim. And besides, I wanted to keep you company" Hermione said, a warm smile creeping up on her face.

Ron's ears turned a shade of pink as he returns a smile of his own, feeling very grand at the moment.

"Well, I guess this is proof that the year's going to be better than the train ride..." Ron thought, thinking of not only the fun he was going to have, but also the alone time he was hoping to get with Hermione.

[the snitch]

[23 Jul 2003|01:15am]

Lethe put down her bottle of water and stared at Harry who was... staring at her. After a few moments, he shook his head violently and she did the same. The thought that Harry might have the slightest chance of flirting with her nearly made her ill. After all, he was family. A shiver ran down her spine, but her terrified musings were soon broken by the compartment door opening. For a moment, Lethe thought that Draco had returned. She was relieved when a girl with hair not unlike her own leaned in. Lethe recognised her as the daughter of the editor of the Quibbler.

"We're nearly to Hogsmeade," Luna said excitedly before closing the door again.

Lethe looked at the other three in the compartment. "The ride doesn't seem as long when you're having battles with Satanic pricks now, does it?"

After a few minutes, the train began to slow to a halt. Lethe was the first in the compartment to stand, quickly grabbing her owl cage and bags before running out of the compartment without a word of explanation to the other three. As she fought through the crowds of students, she heard a few whispering about her apparent ties to Remus Lupin. A few students from Harry's year even screamed to her about how much they loved her uncle. Lethe simply grinned.

A voice boomed out above all of the others. Rubeus Hagrid stood at the edge of a group of first-years, though his eyes were trained on Lethe. She froze for a moment before he nodded to her and she nodded back. So he knew who she really was. Hopefully Snape doesn't... she thought mischieviously.

"Miss Lupin!" said a strict voice. "Please come with me."

Lethe turned to see Professor McGonagall coming towards her looking quite stern. This at first threw Lethe off, as she had never seen McGonagall anywhere besides 12 Grimmauld Street, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and within Hogwarts campus itself... never greeting students. The look must have passed through to her face as McGonagall looked at her oddly.

"You are..." she said, getting closer to Lethe. "Alethea Lupin, are you not?"

"Ye... yes," Lethe said, suddenly having her wits about her again.

"Well then, please come with me," McGonagall said, leading Lethe off of the platform and into the darkness beyond it. As they walked away, people buzzed with amazement that someone could already be in trouble and the rumour was already going around that perhaps Remus wasn't the only Lupin who was a werewolf. "You can assume any disguise you want, Tonks."

"Oh thank God," Tonks said, her hair slipping back to blue but her eyes remaining brown. "And now, Minerva, some firewhiskey would do me quite well."

"We're going to Dumbledore's office," McGonagall said quickly. "I just thought you might prefer Apparating rather than traveling with all of those students."

"That's very kind of you," Tonks said with an exhausted tone.

Both pulled out their wands and after checking that no students had followed them, they Apparated to Dumbledore's office. The headmaster was already waiting for them patiently.

"Hullo again, Tonks," he said to her. "I assume the train ride went well?"

"As well as it could have," she said. "That Malfoy boy is certainly a git."

"Yes, well, he is from the noble house of Black," McGonagall said. "You, your mother, and your cousin are most certainly exceptions to the personality of that family."

Tonks and Dumbledore nodded as one of the moving portraits of the headmasters started yelling. All three of them ignored Phineas.

"Well, you shall be in Gryffindor, Miss Lupin," Dumbledore said, knowing that Tonks was already in this house in the past. With this, Tonks morphed into Lethe once more. "We have moved one of Miss Granger's roommates so that you can board with someone who has a good understanding of your family. I would reccommend that you spend a lot of time around Miss Granger, Mr. Potter, and Mr. Weasley. In fact, have your choice of Weasleys. They're fine folk."

Lethe smiled at Dumbledore. "Thank you, Headmaster."

"Let's head on downstairs then, Miss Lupin," McGonagall said to her, putting a hand on her shoulder. "We'll arrange for a house-elf to take your things. You can just leave them here. Thank you for the meeting, Headmaster."

Dumbledore nodded as the two of them left his office. The women walked down the hallway quietly until, with a flash of black robes, the familiar Severus Snape appeared near them heading the same direction as them. He grinned as he saw that McGonagall already had a student with her.

"A misbehaving child already, Minerva?" he said with icy darkness in his voice. Both of the women turned around. "One that even I don't recognise?"

"Severus, this is Alethea Lupin, Remus's niece," Minerva said to him. "She moved to London from South Africa recently and shall be attending Hogwarts. She is in my house."

Lethe smiled sweetly at him, but he just continued glaring at her. "I didn't realise that Romulus had children."

"Yes, Professor," she said in a sugary voice, batting her eyes. "I'm an only child though."

Snape raised an eyebrow at her and McGonagall nearly elbowed her. She knew what the younger woman was up to.

"Shall we head on to the Great Hall then?" Minerva said. "The feast should be starting soon."

Sure enough, by the time they reached the outer hallway, trunks were already piled up and the voice of Dumbledore could be heard talking about the upcoming year. Before they were able to go inside, the Sorting Hat began its poem.

"Let's go into the adjoining room," Severus said shortly, walking past the doors to the Great Hall and instead walking into a room that shared a door with the Great Hall. "We can walk in when that hat shuts up."

[the snitch]

[22 Jul 2003|09:32pm]

Draco settled into a compartment with Crabbe & Goyle across from him.
Pansy came in a few seconds later.
"We're almost there," she said. "You better start getting your things together.
Draco grinned. "This year I'm in control. I can give Potter detention for breathing if I want to. Haha." Crabbe & Goyle snickered.
Draco grabbed his belongings as the train began to stop.
He exited the train, pushing his way infront of Pansy & some first years.

[Meh. Crappy post.]

[3 caught the snitch]

[17 Jul 2003|05:52pm]

Harry mainly ignored Draco's remarks. He felt the tension in the cabin come to an ease as Draco left, chuckling to himself with Crabbe and Goyle copying him. Turning around, he noticed that Hermione had ignored Draco as well, as she was still reading her book; Ron had his hand clutched on his wand as Lethe had, both of them ready to attack if Draco had even twitched with his own wand.

Seeing them calm down, Harry looked up at Hedwig, who gave a small hoot that was soon followed by the twittering of Pig. He couldn't help but smile, feeling better already. But seeing something bright in Hedwig's eyes made him come back to reality; Draco was now a prefect.

'This year is going to be Hell..' Harry thought, bringing his gaze to the floor. A few wrappers from the snack that Ron and he had bought were scattered.

"So," Harry said, breaking the silence and trying to lighten the mood. "What do you think we are going to expect this year?" He forced a smile, wanting everyone to be as happy as they were before Draco barged into their compartment like a barbarian. The boy was only looking for trouble, Harry thought. And he was asking for it.

Harry tried to think of Draco as a completely different person. He looked over at Lethe who had brought the bottle of water to her pink lips. Pink. The thought of Draco in a pretty pink dress came across Harry's mind, which made his face turn a pink shade as well. He brought himself back to reality again: Draco wouldn't wear a dress. He's a boy for crying out loud. But the pink didn't look that bad on him...

He shook his head violently, trying to get the thoughts of Draco in a pink dress out of his head. It was slightly disturbing.

What was going on with him?

[the snitch]

[17 Jul 2003|02:35pm]

Draco folded his arms, his hand still clutching his wand. His blue eyes darted back & forth untill they stopped on Hermione & then Harry. "Still hanging around with mudbloods, Potter? And," he said, his eyes now resting upon Ron, "a Weasley. How low can you sink, Potter?"
Draco rememberd that in his first year, he offered Potter a friendship. He turned it down. Draco swore to himself that he would show Potter his mistake. He'll pay.
He snickered & left the compartment.

[2 caught the snitch]

[16 Jul 2003|09:45pm]

"You better be careful around me, girl," he said sharply.

"Oh of course, so sorry Mr. Malfoy," she said with a sarcastic smile then quickly turned, like Harry, to look at the landscape passing by. How did someone like him get the honour of Prefect? One would think that with all of Dumbledore's kindness and wisdom that he could choose someone a little more deserving... of course, we are talking about Slytherin house here...

With a sigh, she found herself reaching under her robes and grasping her wand. Without thinking, she laid it in her lap still clutched in her fingers. Narrowing her eyes, she began to wonder once more just how much she was to let on that she knew in the ways of magic. In the back of her mind, she wished that, as she did have to do this, Dumbledore could have let her use a Portkey from London instead of suffering with the children and the little prick she had come to know as Draco Malfoy. It took everything in her to not lash out at him for calling her a girl. If she wasn't removed from the House of Black, she would punish him like a little school girl...

[the snitch]

[16 Jul 2003|07:24pm]

Draco smirked at Harry, seeing that he noticed the prefect badge.
"You must be Draco Malfoy. It's a pleasure," said the girl he had followed in.
Draco narrowed his eyes. "How do you know my name? Who are you?"
"My name is Lethe Lupin. I'm sure you remember my dear uncle... but... from what I've heard, you weren't so fond of him, now were you?" she replied.
He leaned against the doorway, arms crossed. "Who would be?" he sneered. "An old man who's part werewolf? As if he wasn't moonstruck enough already!"
Behind him, Crabbe & Goyle chuckled.
"At least my family isn't inflicted with the Dark Mark," she said hissingly.
Draco stood straight. He took out his wand & tapped his prefect badge with it. "You better be careful around me, girl," he said sharply.

[the snitch]

[15 Jul 2003|10:58pm]

When someone came into the compartment after Lethe, she allowed herself to break out of her musings and look at Harry and Draco in turn. After judging Harry's response to the boy and remembering what Lucius Malfoy looked like, Lethe smirked slightly and looked up at the platinum blond-haired boy. She straightened up, grinning at Draco.

"You must be Draco Malfoy. It's a pleasure," she said sarcastically. "My name is Lethe Lupin. I'm sure you remember my dear uncle... but... from what I've heard, you weren't so fond of him, now were you?"

She gave him a prideful smirk before flipping some of her long tan hair behind her shoulder and looking him down with honey brown eyes. It took everything in her not to jump up right then and go Auror on his little punk ass. After all, an insult to one member of the Order was an insult to them all-- especially to someone as close to the family as Lupin. Of all of the members of the Order, Lupin and Sirius were the ones closest to her... even if they did send her on this annoying mission.

"At least my family isn't inflicted with the Dark Mark," she said hissingly, though knowing that really she was more related to the blond boy than any of the other people at Hogwarts and knowing full well that she had at least two people in her family with a Dark Mark tattooed into their skin. It felt nice, however, to make this stab at her own family. She and Sirius were outcasts from it anyway.

[the snitch]

[15 Jul 2003|06:03pm]

"If it isn't the famous Harry Potter... & his little friends. What a surprise." Harry looked at the door again after Lethe had returned, forgetting that she ran out of the cabin in such a hurry. There stood, the so-called "Slytherin's Pride", Draco Malfoy. He say two husky looking people, catching their breath outside through the window. Crabbe and Goyle seemed as though they had run a marathon; Harry felt no sympathy.

Turning his gaze back to the blonde boy, he noticed that Draco was wearing a prefect badge. Harry felt sick all of a sudden. Draco, a prefect? This year would be Hell; with all the O.W.L.S that Fred and George talked about, not to mention Hermione's endless nagging about studying for them; but now with Draco being a prefect, Hogwarts wouldn't be as it seemed anymore.

He tried to look away from Draco, but knew that he would only smirk as if in victory. Harry glared at Draco, for being the snobby-rich-family boy that he is.

"Indeed it is a surprise." Harry said, sarcasm filling every word. He hated talking to Draco; even more now since the blonde had more power over him and could send him to detention if he wished. Harry wouldn't be surprised by a long shot. Draco would probably send him to detention if he ever saw him in the hall just for breathing.

Turning his head away from the over-prided boy, he looked out the window, appreciating the nature that they were passing at quite a speed. He sighed, seeing the reflection of the other people in the cabin with him, even his own face looking back at him. Seeing his scar clearly between his hair, he felt uneasy for some reason. He only hoped they would arrive at Hogwarts soon so he could rest in his bed.

[the snitch]

[15 Jul 2003|03:30pm]

[OOC: Ebba told me to start from the train, so don't yell at me. >.<]

Draco walked quickly through the train, looking in every compartment window, his prefect badge gleaming. Crabbe & Goyle trailed behind him rather slowly. "Keep up, you dolts!" he yelled barbaricly. Without delay, they sped up, breathing rather hard.
At last he came to the window he wanted. He flung out his arm as Crabbe & Goyle crashed forward, stopping them. Through the window he could see Harry, Ron, Hermione, & some girl he had never seen before. Harry & Ron seemed to be ruffling her hair. He silenced Crabbe & Goyle & observed them for a while.
He saw the new girl stand up & move toward the door. He leaned against the wall & waited. She rushed past him, not even noticing. He slid his hand across his slick blonde hair.
As the girl returned, he studied her. She slipped inside & he followed.
Draco hovered in the doorway. Crabbe & Goyle stood behind him defensivly.
"If it isn't the famous Harry Potter... & his little friends. What a surprise."

[3 caught the snitch]

[12 Jul 2003|04:21pm]

Ron quickly gave an apologetic look as he got up to help her, all of his candy falling to the floor.

Surprised, and having just put a [happily] strawberry Every-Flavour Bean in her mouth, Lethe naturally choked on the bean as she jumped up, the frog fighting with her hair as it tried to get free. Gagging, she held her throat as Ron tried to help her get the frog out.

"I'm sorry, Lethe. They're frogs. Nasty boogers they are. Come on up, Harry, and help me out, mate" Ron said, his hands rubbing Lethe's hair, mesing it up.

'I just had to have long hair, didn't I, boys?' she thought, trying to cough the bean up as Harry easily removed the rogue frog from her hair. 'Your sick idea of a joke... gah...'

"Boogers, they are. I'm terribly sorry."

"Ah, it's nothing, Ron," Lethe said as she stared at the red bean in her hand, attempting to brush her hair out with her other hand and realising, to her horror, that a few of the strands that she combed out appeared to be the vibrant blue that her hair had last been when she was back at Grimmauld Place with Sirius and Remus. Staring at the streaks of blue, she concentrated on the tawny hue that was Lupin's hair and turned to look at them quickly before standing again. "I'm going to see if I can catch up with the snack witch and get something to drink... excuse me!"

Turning, she walked out of the compartment and closed the door behind her before walking down the hallway to the loo. Knocking, she heard no response and walked in, locking the door behind her, before looking at the mirror. Mumbling madly at herself, she concentrated on her appearance with her eyes closed and looked up once more to see the prim little Alethea Lupin staring back at her. Nodding once, she stepped out and nearly collided with the snack witch.

"Oh, excuse me..." she said softly, yet raggedly. "Might I have some firewhiskey?"

The witch gave her an odd look and Tonks suddenly realised what she, as a student, had requested.

"I... I mean... a bottle of water," she said, her eyes wide. The witch stared at her before handing her a bottle and taking payment. With a red face, Lethe ran back to the compartment and slipped in quietly, already nursing the bottle of water intently as she tried to get her face to return to the same pale hue that it usually was. She became lost in a mantra zooming through her head. 'I'm not going to make it... I'm not...'

[the snitch]

[12 Jul 2003|03:53pm]

An awkward silence filled the room, broken only by the cheerful voice of the witch that pushed the snack cart, asking if they wanted anything. Ron quickly jumped out of his seat, taking one enormous jump to the snack cart. He noticed Hermione looking at him and Harry, who had just stepped beside him. "Erm... I'm really hungry... yeah" he said, kind of softly, though.

He turned to look at the snacks, and quickly grabbed some chocolate frogs and some Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Bean. (I can't remember what the hell it was called! x_x)

Ron walked back to his seat, his hand full of candy, and sat down next to Hermione. He quickly stuffed a good amount of chocolate frogs in his mouth, then moved his gaze to Hermione. She had this look of utter disgust on her face as she watched him eat. Confused, Ron put his hand out, a chocolate frog in it, as a gesture for her to take it. "No thanks, Ron. I think I'm good. But thank you, though!" she smiles as she looks out the window.

Ron shrugs as a frog hopped out of his hand and into Lethe's hair. Surprised/shocked/whatever by the frog landing in her hair, she quickly gets up and moves around frantically, in hopes the frog would get out of her hair. Ron quickly gave an apologetic look as he got up to help her, all of his candy falling to the floor.

"I'm sorry, Lethe. They're frogs. Nasty boogers they are. Come on up, Harry, and help me out, mate" Ron said, his hands rubbing Lethe's hair, mesing it up. Harry got up and easily pulled the frog from Lethe's hair. "It was right there, Ron."

Ron blushes once more, as he smiles apologetically to Lethe. "Boogers, they are. I'm terribly sorry." He heads back to his seat, but scooches over a bit away from Hermione, feeling as though he wasn't worthy to sit by her.

He sighs, looking at the ground once more, picking his candy up slowly. "Yes, it's confirmed. This shall be an interesting year for me..."

[the snitch]

[12 Jul 2003|01:14pm]
"My dad's name is Romulus... my uncle's his twin brother. We've lived down in South Africa for most of my life, but my parents and I have moved up here to be closer to my dad's family," she paused as the train started moving forward.

Hermione smiled politely and murmured a sound of understanding, echoing Ron. She reached down into her bag and pulled out an Arithmancy textbook, propped it open on her knees and began to read.

She was brought back to reality by Ron asking when the food cart would arrive. She started at him quizzically and replied, “Erm.. Ron? We just pulled out of the station, dear...”

Glancing at him once more to see if he was alright, she caught a glimpse of Lethe’s amused face, tried not to blush, and focused her energy back onto her book.

It was hard for her to concentrate, however, and she sighed and brought the two covers together with a ‘bang’. Wiping the dust particles away from her face, she listened in on Harry’s conversation concerning the houses. She watched, amused, as Lethe reached over and grabbed his tie with the air of a forensic scientist analyzing the details of it.

As she watched Harry’s face turn shades of maroon, she smiled, and became preoccupied with a piece of fuzz that was situated on her right knee.

An awkward silence filled the room, broken only by the cheerful voice of the witch that pushed the snack cart, asking if they wanted anything. She watched Harry and Ron jump to their feet, and wondered how their stomachs were going to be able to hold all that food.

[the snitch]

[12 Jul 2003|10:45am]

Harry nodded at Ron, and then turned to Lethe as she spoke.

"He's told me about the Potions Master also. It was really dreadful of him to tell all of those children in... what house? The... snake-y one? About Uncle. Dreadful, dreadful," she went on, watching as Ron blushed in response to something Hermione had said. She repressed the urge to giggle and rather continued talking. "Regardless, I'm interested in meeting this Snape and people from the snake house. I really should make a point to learn the houses... you know, the only one I'm keen on is Uncle's... Gryffindor. It's the only one I know the name of."

Harry nodded as Lethe spoke, not wanting to interrupt. He then pondered on what house Lethe was.

'Maybe Gryffindor, because that's the only house name she knows of...' He thought to himself. He would have to ask her. But he would tell her the house names now, since it seemed appropriate.

"Well," Harry started off, turning to the group, and then to Lethe, "the 'snake-y' one is Slytherin. There is Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw as well, along with Gryffindor, which you know. Are you in the Gryffi-" Harry was cut off from his question as Lethe took hold of his tie, and looked over it's colors. He felt his face heating up from Lethe being close to him;
but when she let go, he relaxed and hoped that he wasn't blushing.

"You know, Uncle also told me that you have an enemy," Lethe said as she let go of the tie, looking Harry straight in the eyes. "And that he's not so keen on my family. I'd adore meeting him also."

Harry just nodded at Lethe, fixing his tie. He felt quite embarassed, not knowing quite why. He flinched as Lethe punched her fist into her palm of the other hand. Something just didn't seem right about this girl. But she seemed familar. Harry gave up on trying to remember who this girl was like, since he knew too many people with tan coloured hair.

Reverting his gaze outside the window, thinking of countless things.

'A new DADA teacher.. hope it's not Snape, like Ron said. That would suck.' He frowned as he thought of Snape being their DADA teacher. 'Dumbledore wouldn't give Snape the DADA position when Snape was still teaching Potions.' He nodded to himself.

Harry's thought was interrupted as he heard a woman's voice asking if they would like something from the cart. The cart? The snack cart! Harry turned his attention to the door, seeing Ron already chosing all sorts of snacks and goodies. He stood up and chose a few snacks for everyone, asking them is they wanted anything in particular.

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